Returning to Office: Deploy Agility and Show Empathy to Steady Jitters

How to show employees that you’re proactive and you care

Masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing: welcome back to the office during COVID-19
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Creating Opportunity from Uncertainty

How can companies reopen in an orderly fashion that protects employees and ensures business continuity?

Address Fear Head-On

Even if companies are aligned on mission and values, there’s still deep concern among now-remote employees who are being asked to return to the workplace and upend routines — which will now likely include rigorous entry, hygiene, and distancing protocols.

Leaders: Are You Listening?

Central to the success of this mission is effective, consistent communication across all stakeholder groups. Cornell lecturer Andrew Quagliata, who has a doctorate in organizational communications, says CEOs, founders, and other leaders need to deliver clear, authentic, and frequently repeated messages across multiple channels. They also need to listen closely to their employees. This is fundamental to the success of any reopening plan.

What If Your Team Pushes Back?

What happens if returning employees don’t agree with management’s approach to reopening? If the company is a startup, what recourse do employees have?

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