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Adjusting Strategies to Deepen Engagement in Less Time

A second Clubhouse article so soon after my first?

Well…things happen quickly on Clubhouse. In the span of about three weeks since my first piece was published on March 3, 2021, the invite-only social-audio app hit several milestones, made a major change to how members can invite new users, and made a commitment to help content creators.

Among the developments:

· The Silicon Valley unicorn turned one year old.

· In mid-March, iOS downloads reportedly hit nearly 13 million. The app is available in at least 150 countries.

· Clubhouse announced that members who don’t share their phone contacts with…

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Swept Up in a Global Whirlwind of Drop-in Social Audio

[Clubhouse is rapidly growing with changing user features. App updates occur weekly. Sometimes more frequently. The information below is accurate as of March 3, 2021. I have noted critical updates since that date in italics.]

I recently joined Clubhouse. I hadn’t intended to download the drop-in audio app on that Sunday afternoon, but multiple nudges convinced me the time had come.

First, I read a tweet promoting a noteworthy event @ joinclubhouse; then I saw yet another article about the explosive growth of the Silicon Valley–based startup — estimated to…

Why companies need to speak with actions

Creating inclusive and diverse workplaces
Creating inclusive and diverse workplaces
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The conversation about racial justice is permeating nearly every aspect of society, encompassing everything from government policies to police responses to community attitudes to employer values.

While much of the U.S. workforce remains working remotely due to COVID-19, there is nevertheless an expectation for companies to take a stand in favor of diversity, equity, and inclusion — or DEI, as it’s commonly known. The strength (or weakness) of an organization’s DEI policies — and the conviction that supports them — has a ripple effect through every stakeholder group. …

How to show employees that you’re proactive and you care

Masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing: welcome back to the office during COVID-19
Masks, hand sanitizer, social distancing: welcome back to the office during COVID-19
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As the reality of COVID-19 continues beyond its sixth month, reimagining the “new normal” is a challenge faced by every business — from sole proprietors and startups to nonprofits and medium-sized and large corporations.

Never before have business leaders and the workforce experienced so much uncertainty. Unlike other crises we’ve faced, the pandemic has no defined endpoint (save a proven vaccine). Its progression is unpredictable, with virus upticks, full-blown surges, and myriad other factors causing business disruption and fears of layoffs and permanent closures.

Creating Opportunity from Uncertainty

How can companies reopen in an orderly fashion that protects employees and ensures business continuity?


When innovation meets scalability

Seeking opportunities for business success during COVID-19
Seeking opportunities for business success during COVID-19
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At a time of unprecedented economic uncertainty and widespread layoffs, many business leaders — no matter their company size — are asking themselves the same question: How do we stay relevant (and profitable) in a rapidly changing marketplace?

During a June 2020 virtual roundtable that I attended, leaders from three Fortune 500 companies — each in business for more than 150 years — discussed challenges and opportunities in the “new normal.”

The focus: innovation during a pandemic. How to find it? How to scale it?

How Legacy Companies Are Racing to Meet the Demand for Change

For 177 years, Western Union has been a trusted brand for sending and receiving money…

Navigating the new realities of work

Leading, managing and charting the future during a pandemic
Leading, managing and charting the future during a pandemic
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New York City has entered a more liberal form of lockdown easing — a welcome development for business that heralds the beginning of a “new normal” in work and personal lives. It’s a transition that’s being played out across the country and the world.

COVID-19 thrust organizations domestically and globally into a rapid-onset, non-negotiable work-from-home (WFH) environment for all but the most essential frontline workers.

Adapting to WFH has certainly included its fair share of growing pains, technical issues with videoconferencing platforms and security issues with Zoom among them. …

Empathy and authenticity increases trust

Leading remotely during COVID-19
Leading remotely during COVID-19
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Workforces around the U.S. and much of the world have begun to return to office environments — at least in modified form.

That has CEOs and other executives trying to navigate uncharted territory, grappling with how to lead in a postpandemic world and communicate answers to thorny questions.

· How do we keep employees, board members, customers, and other stakeholders informed and engaged?

· How do we ensure that our workforce is safe while still being productive?

· What can we do to level the playing field so everyone in our organization has a voice?

“We’ve all had to learn…

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